Hyperion Wines of Matakana - New Zealand

The converted cowshed winery

Established in 1994, Hyperion Wines consists of a tiny vineyard located on the warm clay/clay loam slopes of the Matakana district. Plantings are primarily Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, together with Pinot Noir and Malbec, while some Pinot Gris and Chardonnay is sourced from another local vineyard planted by us.  The vineyard and winery are located at the end of Tongue Farm Road past Morris & James Pottery and Café, just beyond the Matakana shops junction. 

The Winery is a converted cowshed surrounded by rustic farm buildings. A quietly idyllic pastoral location with panoramic views from the vineyard. Visitors are welcome for tours and tasting on weekends and holidays.

The vineyards and wine label are named after the mythological Greek sun god, Hyperion, who projects a powerful ‘sun and light’ image. One of the Titans, from the union of Gaia (the Earth from whom all produce flows) and Uranus (the Heavens), Hyperion pre dated his son Helios as the Sun God.

The connection with the vineyard is the visual and beneficial effect of sun and light on the grape vines. Hyperion’s offspring are Helios the Sun, Selene the Moon and Eos the Dawn, each in their turn providing warmth, coolness and moisture, all factors affecting viticulture. We are now using Hyperion’s family as sub names to distinguish between our various wines.   

“Hyperion” is also the subject of John Keat’s greatest and most ambitious poetic work which remained unfinished....

Proprietors: John and Jill Crone
Winemaker: John Crone BE (Chemical)

1994 Purchased a small property in Omaha Flats road (next to Providence vineyard) and began planting a 2 acre block of Chardonnay and Pinot Gris.
1995 Planted another 2 acre block with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.
1996 Purchased a second property in Tongue Farm road (next to the Antipodean vineyard) with an existing 2 acre block of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir and a winery. 
1997 Harvested a first crop of Pinot Gris from the Omaha block and three red varieties from the Tongue Farm road property.
Early 1998 Launched a Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir on the market - the Pinot Noir selling out quickly.
1998 Harvest processed with great fruit quality and much increased quantity.
June 1998 Obtained off-licence and started selling directly from the winery.
July 1998 Released 1997 Cabernet/Merlot.
September 1998 Won silver medal for 1997 Cabernet/Merlot in Liquorland Top 100 international competition.
December 1998 Released "Selene" a summery Tuscan blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Gris.
January 1999 Released "Helios" a barrique fermented Chardonnay.
June 1999 a Merlot called "Gaia" and the 1998 Cabernet/Merlot now called "Kronos".
November 1999 three reds Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet/Merlot all receive bronze medals in various competitions.
March 2000. 98 "Gaia" Merlot awarded gold medal and trophy , New Zealand Wine Society Royal Easter Show. 2000 "Kronos" and 99 "Helios" also receive bronze medals. 
March 2000 Labels updated
May 2000 Released a Late Harvest Pinot Gris called "Theia".
Spring 2000. 98 "Gaiä" Merlot rated 5 stars 96/100 by Australian wine guru James Halliday in his ''2001 Australian & New Zealand Wine Companion' where it was highest rating Merlot in Australasia. 
September 2000 Mentioned in French magazine Gault Millau in Top 10 NZ wines, New World wine supplement. (98 Gaia)

October 2000 "Kronos" 98 awarded silver medal in Liquorland Top 100 and 2000 "Phoebe" receives bronze.
March 2001 "Helios" 2000 awarded bronze in Easter Show
August 2001 "Kronos" 98 awarded silver in Romeo Bragato competition
September 2001 "Helios" 2000 4 stars 86/100 Best of Bunch, Cuisine
November 2001 "Kronos" 2000 awarded bronze in Air NZ competition
June 2002 "Gaia" 2000 awarded 4 stars by Michael Cooper for Winestate
March 2003 "Helios" awarded bronze in Easter Show
August 2003 "the Titan" 02 launched at Wine Trade Fair 
August 2003 "the Titan" 02 given silver medal in Romeo Bragato Awards, also 02 "Gaia" and "Kronos" receive bronze medals 
October 2003 "Gaia" 02 4 stars 86/100 Main reds tasting, Cuisine 
August 2004 "Gaia" 02 awarded silver medal Romeo Bragato Awards
August 2004 "Phoebe" Pinot Gris 03 4 stars Winestate Magazine
August 2004 "Kronos" Cab/Merlot 01 recommended by Winestate Mag.
October 2004 "Zeus" Merlot/Cabernet released
July 2005 "Kronos" 04 awarded bronze meda in Bragato Awards
Sept 2005 "Helios" 04 & "Gaia" 04 awarded bronzes in NZ Intl Compl
August 2006 "Gaia" 04 awarded silver medal Romeo Bragato Awards
October 2006 "Kronos" 02 selected for wine list at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London
November 2006 "the Titan" 04 and "Helios" 05 awarded 4 stars by Michael Cooper
September 2007 "Gaia" 04 rated 93/100 and 5 stars by Sam Kim, senior wine judge; also "the Titan" 04 rated 90/100 and 4.5 stars.
April 2008 "Zeus" 2006 rated 4.5 stars by Sue Courtney
October 2008 "Midas" 2007 Malbec released
November 2012 Helios 2010, Midas 2010, the Titan 2010 and Eos2010 all awarded broze medals at Upper North Island Wine Challenge
May 2014 Titania 2012 Cabernet Franc recommended by Dish magazine